Workplace Campaigns Are Critical

The intrinsic value for which workplace campaigns were created still holds true today: together we can do more than can be done separately. The highest and best use of workplace campaigns is to maximize local giving. The process used by the United Way of Iredell County to determine the value of grants assures that gifts will provide maximum community impact. Also, it is important to provide and maintain a safety net, recreation and amenities for our community. Furthermore, workplace campaigns foster collective community pride, as well as leadership and economic development. When run well, they provide an important means of deepening relationships between employees and the community.

Start a Workplace Campaign

Live here, give here.

Give back to the community where your customers do business … where your employees reside … where their children go to school. Where many, in fact, currently receive United Way services.

Why? The reasons are many:

  • Because improving our region is a key factor in positive economic growth.
  • Because you want to leave a legacy or instill in your workplace culture the importance of giving back.
  • Or maybe it’s simply, because it’s the right thing to do.

Whatever your reason may be, ultimately, your best philanthropic move is to make a difference that uplifts the entire community through United Way. Donor diversification is critical for our community – as this region grows, our philanthropic footprint is growing as well, thanks to companies just like yours.

Ready to begin? There are no forms – starting a campaign begins with a conversation. Why? Because your passion, your company, your culture, and your mission are all unique – and at United Way, our goal is to build philanthropy around you, not the other way around.

Please contact Brett Eckerman at 704.872.3000 or [email protected] when you’d like to learn more.