The Legacy Circle

After our successful Million Dollar Challenge, we continue to look for ways to grow our ability to make a lasting difference in lives through the Endowment for the Future. The Board of Directors has established a new Participation Classification called the Legacy Circle; recognizing those donors making a personally substantial gift towards our endowment and the trust they have displayed in the United Way of Iredell County Board of Directors to ensure good stewardship of their gift. The Legacy Circle will recognize in perpetuity those who are looking to ensure our community continues to support its residents for generations to come. We invite you to make a gift through cash, stock or a planned gift that meets your needs. With a gift to the Legacy Circle your wishes will live on and ensuring your lifelong efforts for accumulation will continue to bear fruit by changing the lives of others in our community.

Give a gift that improves lives for generations to come; leave a legacy gift for your community.

How donors benefit from planned giving

Nonprofit organizations aren’t the only ones that benefit from planned giving — there are several ways that donors can take advantage of these types of gifts as well.

  • Planned giving allows donors to leave a legacy.

    If a donor has been supporting your organization for years, making a bequest in their will is a powerful way to leave a lasting impact. And if they haven’t been able to make a large gift during their lifetimes, they can establish their legacy by making a bequest in their will and supporting their favorite organization for years to come.

  • Donors can decide how their contribution is used.

    When leaving a bequest in a will to a charitable organization, donors can allocate how or where they want that money to be spent. Because wills are fairly easy to update, donors can also keep their bequests up-to-date, checking in with gift officers on where their donations will make the most impact.

  • Planned gifts can come with some tax breaks.

    Depending on the type of planned gift a donor makes, there can be some tax benefits for them. Bequests can reduce federal estate taxes for heirs, and these deductions aren’t limited to cash — they can include assets like real estate, IRAs, and stock as well. Some other planned gift types, such as charitable remainder trusts, are granted a tax-exempt status by the IRS. However, tax advantages to planned gifts can be a little complicated, so it is advised that donors consult their a financial planner or accountant to help donors evaluate them on a case-by-case basis.