Options for Running Your 2020-2021 Campaign

ROLL-OVER Campaign

Simply offer employees the option to continue the same exact amount which they donated last year in payroll deductions.

You can offer a time-frame for employees to contact you directly in case anyone may need to change their pay-roll deduction amounts.  However, don’t forget that any new staff will need to be reached individually to be sure they are also given the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of neighbors.

If your HR department requires the use of signatures to confirm a selection you can utilize this form to make it quick and easy for employees and staff.  Your agency logo or information can be added to this as well!


VIRTUAL Campaign

United Way Staff can Zoom in to an existing staff meeting or set up one via Zoom.  We will be able to talk to your employees about the campaign and share insights into the currents status of the nonprofit community, bring in speakers which are applicable to your employees and answer any questions your staff may have.

WEBSITE Campaign

United Way of Iredell County can establish an online portal where your staff can watch videos, learn about our campaign initiatives and make their donations official.

Payroll deduction is an option with this format.  At the end of your campaign timeframe a report will be provided to your HR department so that donations can be recorded and verify payroll deductions correctly.

For example take a look at these two campaigns:

Iredell-Statesville School System: https://app.mobilecause.com/e/qBlwJg?vid=agfg6

Iredell Health System:  https://app.mobilecause.com/e/_17cyw?vid=at0zv

** This option is currently available for larger sized campaigns at this time.  Please ask and we will work with you to create an option that works well for your staff!


Videos from many of our agencies have already been taped and are available to be shown to employees as needed at: https://bit.ly/UWICFaces

*** These videos should be used as a supplementary tool to assist in sharing what United Way of Iredell County does and should be used in conjunction with UWIC Staff time.


United Way of Iredell County staff are happy to still participate in responsibly hosted in-person meetings.  Staff can bring along guest speakers, utilize videos or talk from personal experience to engage your employees in the campaign process.


Corporate giving is always an option within United Way which we are proud to offer.  This year funds given corporately can be designated towards supporting the education and enrichment of youth in our community to decrease the education gap within our community.

If you want to learn more about the Iredell County Covid-19 Education Fund and how we are supporting families education and quality of life visit: https://bit.ly/ICchild


NC 2-1-1 is always available 24/7 to anyone in need of assistance.  This phone resource line will connect individuals with the services they need to find locally.

We can provide educational materials (such as posters, information cards or business cards) to you at no charge to remind your employees that they can access this line for any loved ones in their lives.  Often we hear that the hardest part of finding assistance is connecting to the right agency.  This service will support our community free of charge!

In addition to being able to dial the phone number 2-1-1 you can also refer people to the website at: https://www.nc211.org

Please let us know if you would like any of these materials at ANY time!


United Way of Iredell County staff would like to engage your organization in the safest and easiest way possible that fits into your organization’s goals and culture.  Please be sure to talk over potential options with your United Way contact directly!

We look forward to getting started with you!

Not sure of who your United Way Staff contact is?  Reach out to [email protected] and we will be sure to connect you as appropriate!