The United Way of Iredell County values partnerships of all types in our community! This can include: 

  • Supportive Partners who provide resources of time and treasure that allow mission goals to happen
  • Strategic Partners who collaborate on areas of shared mission impact 
  • Service Partners who provide direct services to improve the education, income and health for Iredell County residents.  

We would love to work alongside you to make collaborative mission wins happen! 

We invite you to join in partnership with many agencies and post your events and recruit volunteers to your mission by joining the volunteer center HIVE as an agency.  Please click the link to register!

United Way of Iredell County also has a portal to our current application opportunities so that your agency can submit appropriate requests.  Please note in order to access this portal you will need to set up a profile and agency information the first time.  This information will be remembered and automatically entered for you in the future.  

Our current funding opportunities can be accessed at:

Have any additional questions? Reach out to us so we can make sure we are being great partners to our community!