New Partnership Brings Increased Nonprofit Services to Iredell

“As someone burdened by medical conditions, accessing healthy food can be really difficult.” Says Maryanne N. of Mooresville.   Maryanne was a recent recipient of a brand-new program call Ride United Last Mile Delivery covering Iredell County provided through a partnership with the United Way of Iredell County, local nonprofits and Door Dash.

With this program any nonprofit in the county signed up with United Way of Iredell County will be able to deliver products they already have directly to the doorstep of those individuals who do not have access to transportation.  This means that food boxes, hot meals, school supplies, gift cards, pet food, hygiene items, mental health kits, holiday deliveries, clothing and so much more can arrive without cost to homes in need of the items.

Maryanne continues, “Overall, the Door Dash experience was fantastic! I placed an order through my local non-profit, FeedNC.  Then I received a text when the Door Dasher was on their way. The Door Dasher rang the doorbell when they arrived. I also liked how the delivery was contactless. It is really a great system! I’m on a vegan diet because of my own medical conditions so I loved that FeedNC was able to provide a vegan meal option for me and the quality of the food was amazing. It truly felt like a restaurant experience in my home! When I saw it was tofu, I was really excited because I’ve never tried it before. I loved it! Because of my medical conditions, some days cooking a meal can be really challenging.”

FeedNC currently provides healthy hot meals as well as groceries to its patrons.  However, their programming is expanding through the use of their culinary workforce training program to include special medically inclusive meals such as vegan, gluten free and vegetarian.  One of these meals was prepared and delivered to Maryanne.

Now, when Maryanne is in need of additional food or other items provided by FeedNC she will easily be able to have them delivered to her door, allowing her to receive services without the need to drive, which is a challenge because of her medical needs.  “I think this [initiative] will be great for me and for others who are in similar situations to be able to have access to good, healthy food. Thank you again to FeedNC, United Way of Iredell County, and Door Dash!” – Maryanne

All item requests must go through the trained nonprofit agency.  United Way of Iredell County will not take orders for items directly from individuals.  If any agency would like to participate in this program please reach out to Sara at [email protected] for more information.   We welcome agencies of all sizes and missions to join Ride United Last Mile Delivery!   United Way of Iredell County looks forward to adding many more nonprofits to this free service in the coming months and filling the needs of many individuals who struggle with transportation issues!